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How long do your cookies keep?

We always recommend consuming on the day of delivery, but if you have a shread of will power, keep them in the fridge and they should last for up to a week, warming them up as you go. They are freezable for up to 6 months and you can warm them in the oven from frozen.

Can I freeze your cookie treats?

Yes, no problem! Freeze them as soon as you can in the original unopend packaging or in a sealed box. You can keep them in the freezer for up to 6 months. You can warm them from the freezer, around 5 - 10 mins at 160 (fan oven). All ovens vary though so keep an eye on them!

Where are my cookies??

If you have your dispatch email they will be on their way. They should arrive the next day, but some are taking 2 days. If you get to the end of the second day with no delivery, email us on with your order number and we will look up your tracking info.

Can I add a message?

Absolutly! One of the best things about what we do is seeing all the incredible messages going out to everyone with our cookies! If you haven't ordered yet, you'll find the "add message" product on every catagory, all over the place! If you have ordered and forgottern to add a message please email with your order number and the message. As long as you get your email reaches us before 6am on the day of baking we will be able to get it added for you.

Can I change the address??

If you have put an order in but realsied the address was wrong (this happens a lot with paypal) no problem, you can email us: Include your order number and the new address you would like your treats sent to.

Are you allergen free?

I'm afraid, although we take as many precautions as possible, we can't garuntee zero traces of anything. We have a pretty small kitchen (big for us, but small in the big world of food production) so we can't garuntee there are zero traces of anything we have in the kitchen.

Do you do vegan cookies

We have a range developed, but we don't have the space or the staff to produce it on top of our current range. BUT... I don't think we are far off! So I will be able to answer this question 'YES'

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