Product Questions

Do you bake and send the cookies on the same day?

EVERY time. We don't ever have stock left over in the factory. We bake every day.

Do you use real butter in your cookies

Yes. All except the vegan cookies

Are your products suitable for vegitarians?

Only the S'mores have gelatine. All the rest are fine for vegans

Do you bake everything in an environment contaning nuts?

Yes, everything is in the same kitchen so may contain traces.

Do you do Vegan cookies?

We only have one vegan flavour right now, but we're working on a range. We only get to work on new products when were not flat out getting orders out, which is everyday, all day.

How long do your cookies keep?

We always recommend consuming on the day of delivery, but if you have a shread of will power, keep them in the fridge and they should last for up to a week, warming them up as you go. They are freezable for up to 6 months and you can warm them in the oven from frozen.