Order Questions

Can I order over the phone

You can but we have a minimum order of £50 (or 5 boxes) for phone orders as it throws off our whole ordering system. Preferably we would like all order to go through the website so we can just focus on getting orders baked and sent out.

Can I pre-order?

Yes we can take pre-orders but we have a minimum order value of £50 as we don't have any systems for pre-orders and it throws everything off on our very very simple system that we are pushing to breaking point.

Can I add a message to my order?

Absolutly! One of the best things about what we do is seeing all the incredible messages going out to everyone with our cookies! If you haven't ordered yet, you'll find the "add message" product on every catagory, all over the place! If you have ordered and forgottern to add a message please email hello@thomascookieco.co.uk with your order number and the message. As long as you get your email reaches us before 6am on the day of baking we will be able to get it added for you.

Can I adjust my order?

This is no problem, the easiest way to do this is to email us at hello@thomascookieco.co.uk and we will cancel your original order for you to re-book it. Unfortunatly we can't adjust orders on our system and there is too much risk of getting it wrong.

Can I cancel my order?

No problem, but this must be done before 6am on the day we bake your order.

I've ordered on Thursday lunch time, when will I get my order?

All orders from 6am Thursday to 6am Monday will be baked and sent Royal Mail 24 tracked on Monday Why not Friday? Because we don't trust the post. If we sent our cookies Friday and they were to get held up and not delivered on Saturday, they would stay in the sorting office all day Sunday and wouldn't get delivered until Monday.

Why don't you bake and send on Friday?

We don't trust the post! Even though we are sending tracked 24 with Royal Mail, if there are any issues and they aren't delivered the next day, the treats will be stuck in the sorting office all day Sunday and won't be delivered on until Monday. Once the postal service catches up with the demand we'll start sending on Fridays

I've ordered on Tuesday evening, when will my order arrive?

We will bake and send your order the next day by Royal Mail Tracked 24, so they should arrive Thursday

Do you bake and send the cookies on the same day?

EVERY time. We don't ever have stock left over in the factory. We bake every day.