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Corporate Cookie Order

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Corporate Cookie Order

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Our Cookie factory/

cookie fulfilment centre

We've been working really hard to grow our business organically. It started with Thomas in his now mother-in-laws kitchen baking cookies for local markets, then to a tiny 300sqft unit/room where efficiency was essential. Now into a 1500sqft unit which has been fitted out and set up with the sole purpose of turning out as much as possible to the same high quality standard you get from baking at home... It's been a challenge but we are there! 

We have created the "cookie fulfilment centre"!

The Perfect way to say thank you??


We think so! 

We've had a lot of people contacting us over the last few months asking if we can send out 20/30/70/150... boxes to all their staff/customers to say thank you (or sorry). The list is endless for opportunities to send someone a box of cookies, they're better than flowers...



Corporate Cookie Order

We are the cookie pros, we've been working hard for the last 5 years focused one one product and one product only! It's literally all we know! We've taken that product and turned it into lot's of other cookie based products, currently we make:

  • A fantastic range of artisan cookies

  • An even bigger range of cookie cups

  • Brookie trays (thomas' fav)

  • The S'mores (our British take on an American treat)

Ant lot's more to come...

Our Cookie Factory

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