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Expand the war... Multiplayer modes and elements of the multiplayer mode of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Note: This is for all modes of Assault Horizon. The tutorial mode in Campaign, the co-op mode, and the co-op campaign missions. In this page, players can play as Dom, who fights and co-op with Max, either as a mercenary or as a cop. The tutorial missions are unlocked upon progressing in the game, and unlock the co-op tutorial mode. Mission co-op is unlocked with completing the tutorial missions, while co-op campaign is unlocked by completing the co-op missions. Note: These are different from Mission Co-Op and Co-op Campaign modes that are only available on single-player modes. Co-op tutorial missions. In Mission Co-Op mode, the game is played in a 2 versus 1. Players can choose to play as Dom or Max. To choose who is Dom and who is Max, the player chooses one of three weapons, and a special aircraft. The player's choice determines who can get weapons and equipment. The player must go through all the missions to get the weapon he/she wants and to unlock the other weapons and equipment. Co-op campaign mode has the same rules of the Mission Co-Op mode, except instead of being with Dom, players will be with Dom as a cop and Max as his partner. Using the editor in ACU Players can play any Mission Co-Op missions using the editor in Assault Horizon. Players can play with whatever weapon and aircraft they have unlocked in the mission. Play a Mission Co-Op mission in the editor. Multiplayer elements Multiplayer is a part of Assault Horizon, where players can play co-op mission (this mode is unlocked in tutorial) and competitive co-op missions. In co-op tutorial, players will fight and co-operate with each other using the weapons and aircraft unlocked in the missions. The players must first complete one mission, then move to the next mission. In co-op campaign, players can play as Dom and Max as they complete missions, unlocking new weapons and equipment. In these missions, Dom is the cop and Max is his partner. They have to work together to complete the mission. Multiplayer elements unlocked in the co-op tutorial. Multiplayer elements unlocked in the co-op




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