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Christmas is not Christmas unless there are large round tubs of very well-known chocolates loitering in our homes. And that’s because we all love…


We all have our own personal faves and so access to so many childhood flavours have always been a great hit in making sure there is something for everyone.

But whilst tradition is great, on its own that element of surprise is lost.

Talking of tradition, we have vivid childhood memories and now we’ve got baby number 2 (days away from crawling!!), creating new traditions are something we’re really going to enjoy in hope that one day they will recall warm fuzzy feelings of love and being cared for by others.

It’s the law, you HAVE to have our nations faves at Christmas to keep those traditions alive but so many of our customers tell us they want more and that they crave

· new ideas & experiences · wow factor · utterly original and delicious goods

We get it, tradition is a crucial part of Christmas, but if you want extra cookie points…

You’ll need to make some important decisions first. Which traditional chocolate with a cookie twist will do the job of surprising and delighting and secondly who is worthy of receiving these legendary cookies?

We’ve got you covered with an amazing range of Christmas S’MORES, COOKIES, BROOKIE PIES, COOKIE CUPS and…..GIANT COOKIES. Head on over and check it out!

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