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Thank you for making 2021 so special!

2021's been a funny old year, full of mega ups and frustrating downs. It started in a lockdown and well, who knows how it's ending, but it's also been undeniably extraordinary for so many reasons.

We're lucky enough to be surrounded by incredible people, people we love, people who motivate us, people who support us - some of whom you've met on our stalls or on our stories, some of whom live miles away - and whilst it's been a tumultuous year, they're all happy and healthy, and continue to be lovely, motivational and as supportive as ever.

I have so many people to thank for all of the good that's happened through the last year, but the one thank you that I can never say enough? That's to you. You continue to love Thomas Cookie Co. and I will continue to work hard to bring you what you love, but it's not just me. We're growing a tight-knit little team here, and I'm going to make sure that in the new year you find out a little bit more about them - they're worth shouting about.

So what else have we got planned for the new year? Big plans, so watch this space.

Time to look forward and get excited!

Remember, we're back in the kitchen on Tuesday the 4th, so if you're craving some gourmet cookies, you could have some in front of you within the week!

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