How we are working through the COVID-19 crisis FAQs

Will I get an email to tell me my order has been dispatched?

Yes, we tend to send the confimation emails out in the morning when we print the orders so we can focus on baking and packing all afternoon.

After I have recieved a shipping confrimation email how long will I have to wait?

Unfortunatly, due to the current situation and as hard as the amazing posties are working, there are enevitalby going to be delays. Amazingly, most of our deliveries are arriving the next day! But some are taking significantly longer, even up to 1 week.

How do you send your cookies?

We very carefully package them up and send them Royal Mail 1st Class and now through DHL. We have worked better prices with DHL and are now able to offer free 24 tracked on orders of 3 boxes or more.

If I'm local to you will you drop them off the next day?

I'm afriad we're just to busy running our kitchen to be delivering as well so even local orders will go through the post. We do have an option to Click and Collect though.

When will my order be sent?

We currently bake twice a week, Tuesday & Thursday. If you ordered before 9pm on Monday they will be baked and sent out on our Tuesday bake. If you ordered before 9pm on Wednesday they will be baked and sent on our Thursday bake. Orders on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (up until 9pm) will be baked and sent Tuesday

Can I add a message to my delivery?

Yes, at the checkout, but don't worry, if you miss it email me and I'll add it for you.

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